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Im Caitlin and I'm the owner of Caitlin's Creations Shop! I have ran my business since late 2021 when I was 17 and making wired rings and personalised necklaces. After this, I started getting more into making phone charms which people really started liking. I then decided I wanted to take my business seriously and work full time so I invested into making phone cases! Since then I have expanded and hired my Mum to work for me:)

That's me!!!<3333333

This is from my old selling page, unfortunately I can't access it anymore but this image shows how amazing you guys are and how much you love my creations<3

I run this business because I love creating and seeing you guys enjoy my creations:) Thank you for spending your time to visit my website, wether you have ordered from me or not, I really appreciate you<3 If you have any questions don't be shy to email me. 

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